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If you're going to have a drink, make sure you think about ...

Step Back Think

Step Back Think is a campaign that seeks to eradicate street violence. A single punch thrown in the heat of the moment can end the life of your brother or sister or friend and tear your world apart. Step Back Think wants to encourage young people to think more about their actions and their consequences. We're urging people to look out for their friends - guys and girls - because one punch can change countless lives forever.

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Step Back

Who are you?

Sexual assault can happen to anyone, anywhere. It is important that you look after your friends when you're out and that they look after you... YOU have the power to decide how the story ends...

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Who are you?

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Tony's story

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Tony's story

Think before you drink
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Perceptions of you as drunk can last long after you sober up
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How do I say no?