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Never leave a friend who's been drinking on their own. Leaving your friend means they are at risk of:

  • Becoming a victim - They could get bashed, robbed, or taken advantage of.
  • Becoming an offender - They might do something stupid, like get into a fight or damage property and end up being arrested.
  • Injury - They might put themselves in danger trying to get home, get hit by a car or get a lift with a drunk driver. They might be stranded and get hypothermia from being left out in the cold.

Stick together and make sure your friends get home safely. Call a taxi, friend or a responsible adult who hasn't been drinking, walk them home or stay with them until they've sobered up.

Try to be aware of where people are going and always tell people where you are going.

Sometimes sticking together isn't enough, you need to recognise when you might need to call for help.

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Looking after friends
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Stick together and make sure your friends get home safely
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